Pixie HeartStrings was inspired by all the little Pixies who are being raised by other family members when their parents are unable to do so...

Sunday, April 14, 2013

New in Shop & Laughing Til it Hurts...

Hey Pixie Pals!

It has been a great week! Lots of Pixie Hats went out the door! Always feels great to make something for those sweet little Pixies! I wish I could do so much more!!!

I am excited about adding children's clothing to my Etsy Shop! I am starting to add summer clothing and hope to eventually have some coordinated sets to go with my Pixie HeartStrings Hats & Shoes. The sewing machine has been humming. I just have to photograph some of my finished products and will be adding them in this week. I do have this set here in there now as a little sneak preview...

All of my items are made by me from cotton/cotton blend fabrics that I launder and dry to reduce shrinkage. I make only French seams throughout so there are no exposed raw edges anywhere inside the garments. Double stitched inseams for extra strength.

I loved sewing for my children when they were, well...children. In fact, my daughter reminded me of some of my more infamous fabric choices (affordable=gaudy) when she was small...we laughed so loud reminiscing. I love to laugh with her. She laughs with her whole body. Then we laugh about that.

She has had a very hard year since becoming a widow at thirty years old last July. She is a mom of three of my Grandy kids and I couldn't be more proud of how she has handled herself during this difficult time...she is FABULOUS!

So you see, when we are laughing together, no matter what it is about, it is extra special...just like her.

I hope you have all visited and LIKED my Pixie HeartStrings FaceBook page! It really is the very best way to keep up with all the new & exciting Pixie Creations. I try to post everyday. Stop by. Check it out. LIKE it. I know you will...

How about you tell me what YOU are working on!!! Leave me a comment here! Send me a pic on FB! I want to see!!!

Stay Crafty!


  1. You are amazing and truly very talented. I'm looking forward to following your blog as well. :)


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