Pixie HeartStrings was inspired by all the little Pixies who are being raised by other family members when their parents are unable to do so...

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Wednesday, March 27, 2013



This week has been one filled with sadness...

A beautiful young woman who had so much to live for gave up on herself...

She leaves behind a family who loves her that has become forever altered by such a senseless, impulsive act...

She leaves behind the most angelic little Pixie...

She leaves behind a beautiful unfinished life...

Please pray for her and her family...


Friday, March 22, 2013

Aruba Pixie Sundress Pattern...

As promised I am back with the pattern I developed for the sundress above. Again, keep in mind, I am not a professional. Just a Grandma who enjoys making Pixie Creations...

As it is a Sundress, you really want the yarn you choose to be lightweight and something that will "breath" in order to keep the child comfortable.
I chose to use a mercerized cotton. The one I used comes double stranded. It has a smooth, shiny finish to it and works up nicely. I have also used the Fashion 3 mercerized cotton and doubled it up myself.
I use a cotton blend for my fabric. Again, something cool & crisp.
For the yarn I chose, I used an F Hook. You should choose your hook to go with your yarn choice.

6M (1, 2, 3)YR
Chest Measurements 18(20, 22, 24)"
I work the piece by measurements...that is, I do not have a set chain length to start. I make a chain to my chest measurements that I have decided to make the dress. Therefore, if I am making a 6 Month size top, I want to make my front and back to both be 9" wide when finished. When sewn together they will become my 18" chest measurement. Both sides are worked exactly the same.

Make chain to desired length.
  1. SC in 2nd chain from hook and across chain to end. Chain 1 & turn.
  2. SC across each SC to end. Ch 1 & turn.
  3. Repeat row 3 until piece measures 1(1 1/2, 2, 2 1/2)"
  4. Slip Stitch next 3(4, 5, 6) SC. SC to within last 3(4, 5, 6) SC. Ch 1 & turn.
  5. SC across to end. Ch1 & turn.
  6. Work even until piece measures 3(3 1/2, 4, 4 1/2)" from bottom. Ch 1 & turn.
  7. Left Front: SC 9(10, 10, 10). Ch 1 & turn.
  8. Work even until piece measures 4(5, 6, 7)". Fasten off.
  9. Right Side: Skip Center until you have 9(10, 10, 10) left on row. SC those to end. Ch 1 & turn.
  10. Work even until piece measures same as left front. (same amount of rows). Fasten off.
  11. Make back piece exactly the same.
  12. Sew shoulder & side seams.
  13. Work SC evenly around neckline and both armholes. Join with a SS and fasten off. Pic A
  14. Turn piece upside down and work SC evenly around the bottom. Join with a SS.
  15. Work SC in same stitch as SS *skip 2, 5DC, skip 2, SC* around. Join with a SS and fasten off. Weave in all ends for a neat finish. Pic B
  16. Make and attach flower same as in hat pattern in last post. Or you can embellish any way you choose. Plain & simple is pretty too...
Pic A
Pic B
From fabric cut a piece 1 1/2 X's wider than the width of bottom of your crocheted top. Piece should be cut to your desired length plus 1 3/4" to allow for hem.
  1. Stitch the back seam. I prefer to have no raw edges so I use a French Seam. You can use a regular seam with 5/8" seam allowance. Pic C.
  2. Gather top of fabric. Adjust to fit width of crocheted top.
  3. Hand stitch the crocheted top to your fabric. Pic D.
  4. Press under 1/4" at hemline.
  5. Turn hem up 1 1/2" and sew in place. You could also machine stitch. I prefer to hand sew.
Pic C
Pic D

Ta Da! You are done!!! If you have any questions let me know. I will be happy to help. And please...feel free to post your finished projects on the Pixie HeartStrings FaceBook page. I would love to see them! And please take a moment to Like the page. That way you will know when new items in my Etsy Shop or free patterns are featured!

Have a fabulous weekend!!!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pixie Creation Pattern!

Hi there!
I made this Hat for a friend who is going to Aruba to visit her God Daughter. She is a very generous person who does a lot for assorted charities and I wanted to do something nice for her...
I posted this on my Pixie HeartStrings FaceBook page and was asked for the pattern. So, here it is. Keep in mind, I am not a professional, I am a Grandma making hats for little Pixies and I just do what I know how. You can improve on yours anyway you would like...
This particular hat is made from some vintage Bernat Cassino mercerized cotton I have been hoarding. I have also made this hat in many other yarns. And depending on weight of yarn, you should pick a hook size you that will work with the yarn best. I used an F hook for this particular yarn. When I use a heavier yarn, I use an H hook.
The key is the head measurements. So, as this one is for a 9 month old, I wanted to make the hat fit a baby 6-12 months. So I wanted the hat to be about 17.5 inches circumference and about 6.5 inches from the crown to the bottom of the ear. I do not include the brim in this measurement. Your baby may have a bigger head, you can just add more increase rows to accommodate.
There is a great chart I found on Pinterest  that is invaluable in helping decide how big to make your hat. So, size decided, here goes...
Aruba Pixie Hat
  1. Chain 3 and join with a slip stitch (SS) to form a circle.
  2. Make 9 single crochet (SC) in circle. Join with a SS to the 1st SC. 9 SC
  3. Make 2 SC in each SC of last row. Join with a SS to 1st SC. 18 SC
  4. SC in each SC of last row. Join with a SS to 1st SC. 18 SC
  5. Make 2 SC in each SC of last row. Join with a SS to 1st SC. 36 SC
  6. SC in each SC of last row. Join with a SS to 1st SC. 36 SC
  7. Repeat row 6. 36 SC
  8. *2 SC in first SC of last row. 1 SC in next*. Continue in this pattern to last SC. Join with a SS to 1st SC. 54 SC
  9. SC in each SC from last row. Join with a SS.
  10. At this point, you need to decide if you need your hat bigger. You can continue to increase as above. For the 6-12 months I stopped increasing here.
  11. Continue Row 9 until hat measures the length you need for your size according to chart.
  12. You will now make brim.
  13. Repeat Row 8. 
  14. SC in each SC of last row. Join with SS in 1st SC. 
  15. Repeat row 14 until brim measures 2 inches.
  16. SS in each SC from previous row. Fasten off.
Please note...Brim can be worn up or down on this hat.
You can embellish the hat any way you wish. I chose a simple flower in the main color (MC) of hat and a complimentary color (CC.
Crochet Flower
  1. With CC, Chain 3 & SS in first chain to make circle.
  2. 12 Double Crochet (DC) in circle. Join with a SS. Do not break Yarn.
  3. Connect MC  with a SS in same DC as last SS. SC in same stitch. *Chain 3. Skip next DC. SC in next DC.* Continue pattern around. Join with SS in 1st SC. 6 Chain 3 loops.
  4. SS into 1st chain 3 loop. Make *SC, 5 DC, SC in loop to form petal. SS into next chain 3 loop*. Continue in this pattern until you have 6 petals. Fasten off CC.
  5. Pick up your main color (MC). Working behind the petals just made, SS into 1st unused DC from 1st Row. SC in same stitch. * Chain 5. SC in next unused DC* Continue around until you have 6 chain 5 loops. Join with SS to 1st SC.
  6. SS into 1st chain 5 loop. Make *SC, 7 DC, SC in loop to form petal. SS into next chain 5 loop.* Continue in this pattern until you have 6 petals made out of MC. Fasten off.  
  7. Attach flower to either side of hat as desired.
I made this cute sundress to go with the hat or vice verse. Heehee...
I will be posting the pattern I made up for the top and directions for the skirt in my next post...
So, Please stop by again so you can get that pattern and be sure to let me know you were here or if you have any questions at all. Again, I am just a Grandma who loves to crochet for her Pixies, but I will do my best to address any issues that come up...
Feel free to post your pictures of your finished Pixie Creation on my Pixie HeartStrings Facebook page. I would love to see them or whatever else you may be working on. And make sure you LIKE it so you can get in on the GIVEAWAY I am having when the page reaches 100 likes!
Now go create!!!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Coupon Time!!!


As a way to welcome you all to Pixie HeartStrings, I would like to offer you all a coupon to use in my little Etsy Shop. Hope you will be able to stop by & Check it out!

Have a Blessed Sunday!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Let's Blog!


Wow...who knew that opening a teeny little Etsy Shop and starting a Facebook page would keep me so busy...but it has been a wonderful busy!

Wonderful because it has given me an outlet to pay it forward to some very special Pixies !

There was Sadie...I haven't met her, but I hope she enjoys her little Bluebird of Happiness hat. I know she has brought happiness to the family who is raising her right now...
And Nicky...I know he has brought a world of happiness to his family who is raising him as one of their own. He brings sunshine to their hearts everyday!
Then there was Serina...a sweet little Blondie who brings huge smiles to her "Gwammie" each and every day.  She is a beach baby!
 And there was the original Pixie herself...the Pixie who started it all! I have never met her, but as a grandmother who is raising my granddaughter, my heart went out to this grandmother who took on raising her newborn granddaughter. You know...Grandma to Grandma. So it started small...
Some baby washcloths...
A warm and cuddly blankie...
A little Daisy Beanie...

And a little Owl hat to protect her ears from the cool spring winds of the northeast...

I am grateful to that little Pixie for inspiring me to start this blog. Start PixieHeartStrings on Etsy. Start my Pixie HeartStrings Facebook page. But most of all start giving back for what I have been given as a result of raising my own (not so little anymore) Pixie...

So...Let's start Blogging already! I will be out there visiting all of you!!!! I hope if you visit here, you will leave a comment to let me know you were here!

Have a good weekend...and if you do something kind for someone, it will turn into a GREAT weekend!