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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Dinosaur Spike Pixie Hat Pattern...

Hey Pixie Pals!

I made this hat for a cute little five year old Pixie. Then I got a couple of requests for one from my Grands. Even my not so little anymore fifteen year old Pixie asked for one today when she saw me working on this pattern.
This hat is made for a larger child. The Pixie I made it for had a pretty big head, as do my Grands. This would fit my fifteen year old Pixie.
Remember, just a Grandma here, not a pro. But, if you have any questions let me know and I would be more than happy to help.

So, here you go...
Dinosaur Spike Pixie Hat

1 Skein Sugar & Cream cotton for main body of hat.
1 Skein Sugar & Cream cotton in contrasting color for spikes & trim.
I am using Black & Hot Pink! A request from my Grandy Girl. She is 12 and wants this hat very much. She is sooooo fun!
Size I crochet hook.
Size E crochet hook.
Stitches Used:
Chain (CH)
Body of hat is worked in half double crochet (HDC).
Slip Stitch (SS)
Trim & Spikes are worked in single crochet (SC).
Body of Hat:
Use main color & I hook...
  1. Ch 5 and join with a SS to form circle.
  2. Ch 2 (counts as 1st HDC) Make 9 HDC in circle. Join with SS in top of chain 2. 10 HDC.
  3. CH 2. HDC in same ST. 2 HDC in each HDC around. Do not join. Use a marker to keep track of your rows.  20 HDC.
    Mark your rows...
  5. Make *HDC in next ST, 2 HDC in next ST* Repeat around to marker.
  6. Make *HDC in next 2 ST, 2 HDC in next ST* Repeat around to marker.
  7. Make *HDC in next 3 ST, 2 HDC in next ST* Repeat around to marker.
  8. Make *HDC in next 4 ST, 2 HDC in next ST* Repeat around to marker.
  9. Make HDC in each ST around to marker.
  10. Continue row 8 until hat measures 7" from top. Do not finish off.
Ear Flaps:
For first flap just continue from where you left off from last row. For the 2nd flap, fold hat in half and begin in HDC directly across from other side.
Start 2nd Flap Here...

  1. CH 2 (counts as first HDC) HDC in next 13 ST. Turn. 14 HDC.
  2. CH 2. HDC 2 tog. HDC in next 9 ST. HDC 2 tog. HDC in last ST. Turn. 12 HDC.
  3. CH 2. HDC 2 tog. HDC in next 7 ST.  HDC 2 tog. HDC in last ST. Turn. 10 HDC.
  4. CH 2. HDC across. Turn. 10 HDC.
  5. CH 2. HDC 2 tog. HDC in next 5 ST. HDC 2 tog. HDC in last ST. Turn. 8 HDC.
  6. CH 2. HDC across. Turn. 8 HDC.
  7. CH 2. HDC 2 tog. HDC in next 3 ST. HDC 2 tog. HDC in last ST. Turn. 6 HDC
  8. CH 2 HDC across. Turn. 6 HDC.
  9. CH 2 HDC 2 tog. Twice. HDC in last ST. Turn. 4 HDC.
  10. CH 2 HDC in next 3 HDC. Finish off.
With contrasting color (CC), work SC evenly around body of hat.

SC evenly around hat with CC
Use CC and E hook.
Note: I work mine in a continuous spiral, but you can join with a SS at the end of each round. Whichever you like best...

  1. Ch 2. 6 SC in 2nd CH from hook. Pull tail tight to close circle. 6 SC.
  2. *1 SC in next ST. 2 SC in next. 3 times. 9 SC.
  3. 1 SC in each ST around. 9 SC.
  4. *1 SC in next 2 ST. 2 SC in next.* 3 times. 12 SC.
  5. 1 SC in each ST. 12 SC.
  6. *1SC in next 3 ST. 2 SC in next.* 3 times. 15 SC.
  7. 1 SC in each ST. 15 SC.
  8. *1 SC in next 4 ST. 2 SC in next.* 3 times. 18 SC.
  9. 1 SC in each ST. 18 SC.
  10. SS into next SC. Fasten off and leave a long tail for sewing.
Leave long tail for sewing to hat...
Hat will need 5-7 spikes...check layout to see how many you will need/desire...

Lay your hat out flat so that you can see the ridge where the spikes should be sewn.

Fold hat in half and line up spikes for sewing...
Use yarn to mark where you want all spikes. Then use yarn needle & using the long tails left on spikes sew them in place. I need 6 spikes for my hat. Depending on how tight/loose you crochet you may need more or less.

I use both colors. 6 long strands of each. Then I pull all 6 strands through the center of the last 4 HDC made on the ear flaps. Now you have 12 strands...
Pull all six through center of last 4 HDC...
Tie a knot in strands at base of ear flap...
Tie knot at base of ear flap...
Now braid all 12 strands and tie additional knot at end of braid...
Braid all 12 strands...
 Finis! Well...mine will be in the morning. I forgot the not so little Pixie had dance and drama rehearsals today! She is a busy kid! I love it...
Any questions let me know...

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Happy Creating!


  1. Thanks for posting. I can't wait to try this one too!

  2. can you use any skein of yarn or does it have to be the sugar and cream?

  3. Thanks so much I love this!! Was looking for an idea for my niece!
    Suzie :)

  4. Did your spikes come out like a 3d cone or flat? I feel like I may have done this wrong :)

  5. In your very first picture the green variegated yarn, what brand and color name is that? It would be perfect for the little boys hat I want to do. Thank you

  6. I am in love with this pattern! Thank you for sharing!

  7. I would like to make this hat for a 2 year old. Would you be able to tell me how to adapt the pattern? I am a newbie crocheter!

  8. I would like to make this hat for a 29 year old male who is obsessed with dinosaurs, lol. Any chance you would know how to adapt it for this size. I would guess that I may have to add rows in somewhere, but I can't be sure where.


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