Pixie HeartStrings was inspired by all the little Pixies who are being raised by other family members when their parents are unable to do so...

Tuesday, February 12, 2013



I am so excited to begin this adventure in blogging and introduce you to Pixie HeartStrings!

Inspired by the growing epidemic of children (Pixies) being raised by family members other than their parents, I wanted to find a way to give back to these Pixies. Give back for what they have unknowingly given to their family members. Unconditional Love.

There are many reasons why a Pixie is being raised by another family member. Some are horrific circumstances. Others are due to death, mental illness, incarceration, drug addiction, ect. And sometimes, a parent may just be unable to handle the responsibility of raising a child.

Luckily, for many Pixies, there is a family member willing to step in and be there for that child. To take care of them and love them as if they are their own. And for many of those family members, soon after taking on that responsibility, they find themselves also benefiting from the situation. They start to feel blessed to have that Pixie in their lives and feel an overwhelming sense of joy.

Don't get me wrong. It is a stressful time. And there is much heartache at times. But the unconditional love you receive makes it so much easier. 

You see, I too have a Pixie in my life. She is not so little anymore. A teenager, but still a little girl. She is my joy. She is my love. She has given me energy again.

So as I heard of more and more Pixies being taken in by family members I started to feel the need to give back. To pay it forward as they say...

I started making little things for each Pixie I learned of...a hat, a blanket, a sweater. I sent along handmade wash cloths...whatever I was working on at the time. Whatever I had in the yarn bucket was made into a Pixie Creation.

Now I am working on selling some of these creations in order to help fund my efforts of making sure every new little Pixie I hear of will be able to have a Pixie Creation of there own.

Do you have a Pixie? Do you know of one? I will be posting some of my patterns on here so maybe you can make your little Pixie a Pixie Creation too...

I hope you will be stopping by here often and also seeing what Pixie HeartStrings is up to on Etsy and let me know what you are up to also...I would love to hear from you!


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