Pixie HeartStrings was inspired by all the little Pixies who are being raised by other family members when their parents are unable to do so...

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Two New Pixie Creations for Two New Pixies...


I learned of a couple new Pixies today so out came the stash of yarn. I made this cute little boys fishing hat and couldn't resist adding the fish & pole...so adorable! I absolutely love making these little Pixie Creations. This little boy Pixie is on the way to a wonderful life and so are the family members who stepped in and offered to give him a better life. My heart goes out to all of them...

This little Easter Bonnet is for another little Pixie on her way to better days also...she is so blessed. Her family already feels the joy of having her as part of their life.

On the home front, my Pixie asked me to make her some slippers. So I have been searching Pinterest all afternoon looking for the perfect pair. I will let her have final approval of course. I am excited to see what strikes her fancy.

My Pixie is not a "girly girl" nor is she a "tomboy" either. She is just right...:)

What are you working on? Who is it going to be for? You? Or a special someone???


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